Why do Students Study Abroad? Here are 5 Great Reason

Every year, tens of thousands of UK students study abroad. And there are plenty of opportunities to do so. With many UK courses offering years or semesters abroad and foreign universities accepting UK students for whole courses, you can now study in almost any country you like.

But is studying in a foreign country something that you should be considering? Here are 5 great reasons why students study abroad.

1. It’s a brilliant way to travel

Travel is one of the main reasons why many students study abroad. It’s a brilliant way to spend time in a different country without putting your education on hold. Plus, if you live in a country you can really immerse yourself in its culture – far more so than if you just go there on holiday.

You might also find that if you study abroad you’ll be closer to lots of other countries, meaning that you’ll find it easier to explore other new places too. 

2. You get to try learning in a different way

Studying abroad can also have a great impact on your education. It’s likely that the foreign university or college you choose to study at will have different teaching methods, learning styles and syllabuses to the ones you’re used to. The opportunity to try learning and working differently can really benefit your future study and work.

3. Studying abroad is a great chance to develop your language skills

There’s no doubt about it, the best way to learn a language is to go to a country where it’s spoken. If you choose to study in a country where they speak a different language, it’s likely that you’ll come back speaking it fluently, or at least very well. 

Lots of universities abroad teach in English. So if you’re worried that your grades might suffer if you try learning in a foreign language, you can pick a university that teaches in a language you understand. You’ll still get plenty of opportunities to pick up the local language.

4. You’ll be more employable afterwards

Studying abroad can do great things for your employability.
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When students study abroad they show that they’re ready to challenge themselves and expose themselves to new environments. If you study in a foreign country you’ll also probably end up with more life experience and better language skills than your peers. Plus, you may have better knowledge of your degree subject.

All of these things are very attractive to employers and could help you get the jobs you want in the future. They could help you get onto any postgraduate courses you want to do too.

5. The people you meet when you study abroad could change your life

If you choose to study abroad, the chances are that you’ll meet lots of different types of people. Spending time with people from different backgrounds and cultures can really develop you as a person and change the way you see the world. Plus, you could make lifelong friends or contacts who might be able to help you develop your career in the future.

So there are lots of brilliant reasons to study abroad. Not only is it an excellent way to travel, studying in a foreign country can also be a great opportunity to try learning in different ways and develop your language skills. You might also find that it can really benefit your future career.