Careers inspiration for students age 13+

MyFirstChoices is the first step on your MyFutureJourney, a careers introduction programme for years 8 and 9  designed to:

  • Inspire them into thinking and learning about the many careers out there
  • Let them understand why they may be happier working in one field over another
  • Show them what people actually do in their jobs or careers
  • Open their eyes to the factors that can influence their decision making at key stages
  • Convey the importance of selecting suitable GCSE (or equivalent) subjects
  • Reveal how interests and lifestyle can inform the right choices for the long term
  • Guide them into carrying on further, effective research using resources in the careers room.

How it works:

MyFirstChoices is available as part of MyCareerChoices+. It is the first programme and first step in the MyFutureJourney. It is an online programme where students age 13+ complete the interest based questionnaire to reveal the areas they are most interested in. The results are split into high, moderate and low interest levels so the student can see which areas are the best match.

Students will enjoy exploring these areas and the featured jobs related for each subject area. They can download and print off a PDF which includes a job description, employability, key skills  and a worksheet to complete their own personal evaluation and research for each job. 

MyFirstChoices can be integrated into lessons according to existing plans, or used as part of the school’s CEG programme.

MyFirstChoices is Available as part of MCC+ MyFirstChoices includes:

  • Tutor lesson plans to download 
  • Downloadable student worksheets
  • Tutor resources and presentation to use with students.    

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