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Our Programme Methodology

Our programmes combine guidance materials, self-assessments, independent and objective appraisals to reveal students’ interests, abilities, motivations, attitudes and values. The assessments are provided through a mix of questionnaires, tests, qualifications, interviews and teacher evaluations. The central concept is that students will do well in their future choices if they have the right mix of abilities, motivation and understanding. The programmes do not, however, make use of personality tests or learning and thinking style inventories.

Our Vision
Our mission

Our Mission

Every young person deserves the opportunity to succeed. And we believe they can – with the right information and guidance. We focus on information collected about the achievements, abilities, motivations and attitudes of students that provide genuine value. Our products are carefully designed to give students the tools to make the right choices, with confidence, every step of the way.

Our Team

At MyFutureChoice, we are passionate about helping students make informed decisions about their future. Our dedicated Schools’ Liaison Team will be with you every step of the way, offering advice and guidance on aptitude tests, sixth form subject selection, work experience, and GAP year activities. With their help and the range of our career programmes available, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect job for you. Take the plunge and make the right decisions for your future with MyFutureChoice!

Our Team
Achieving career success

The Right Mix for Career Success

At MyFutureChoice, we believe that the key to career success is having the right mix of abilities, motivation and understanding. That’s why we don’t use personality tests or learning and thinking style inventories. We understand that students are still developing and different personalities, learning and thinking styles can be effective in different aspects of a job. We also understand that people can adapt their behaviour to cope with different personality types and styles of thinking and learning if they are sufficiently motivated. This is why we focus on gathering information about student achievements, abilities, motivations and attitudes – information that will genuinely help guide them in the right direction.

How we work

Our comprehensive, psychometrically validated tools allow students to see the career paths, qualifications and courses which best match their individual capabilities.

Our unique and rigorous approach has helped over one million students make confident choices about their future.

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institutions listed in MyUniChoices

More informed choices


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Experience helping students

35 yrs

of experience in helping students make better career choices

Schools and colleges have used MyFutureChoice


schools & colleges have used MyFutureChoice

Psychometric tools

From initial exploration of potential paths to making critical decisions about study and careers post-16 and post-18, all of our tools have been carefully designed to help students make the best choices with confidence.

Each one has been carefully developed in conjunction with occupational psychologist, Dr Charles Johnson. Our commitment to continual improvement means they are highly accurate, robust and psychometrically reliable.

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Meeting Gatsby Benchmarks

Providing high quality careers education, information and guidance which meets the diverse needs of every student is a critical challenge for every school today.

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Schools that put MyFutureChoice tools at the heart of their careers programme can not only be confident they are meeting their obligation to provide independent careers advice to all of their 12-18 year-old students, but that they will help them to meet the eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Careers Guidance.

MyFutureChoice provides a stable careers programme which addresses the needs of each pupil, providing them with information and insight to explore the future education and employment options best suited to their strengths.


Always evolving

From the technology which connects students with our tools,to the careers and study options available to them, the landscape in which MyFutureChoice operates is a world away from the days when John Mainstone first started working with schools.

One thing that remains unchanged today is our original goal of giving every student the tools to make the best informed decision about their future.

Supporting Schools since 1986

At MyFutureChoice, we have been helping students take the next step in their career journey since 1986! Founded by John Mainstone, we provide leading careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) to schools, colleges and careers institutions across the UK and Europe. Our carefully developed programmes and aptitude tests, crafted in conjunction with Occupational Psychologist Dr Charles Johnson and regularly assessed for psychometric reliability, are designed to help you make informed decisions about your future. With our professional support and guidance, your school can have an outstanding careers programme!

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Our History

Our understanding of how best to help young people plan their careers goes back over 35 years. Our founder, John Mainstone, had a successful career in industry, publishing, and teaching, and later established MyFutureChoice (formerly Cambridge Occupational Analysts (COA)) whilst head of careers at a secondary school in Norfolk. He developed a series of questions to assess pupils’ interests, abilities and personal qualities to help them with their careers and degree course choices.

Our history
Our history

As technology progressed, John converted this lengthy system of one-to-one interviewing, into a computer-based questionnaire which could be completed in 40 minutes.

Teaming up with Dr Barry Trapnell, a former headmaster at Oundle School, they devised and refined a careers programme to meet demand from a growing number of schools. The interest based and aptitude tests were carefully developed in conjunction with occupational psychologist, Dr Charles Johnson.

Since then, we have worked with thousands of schools in the UK and around the world, who have used our tools to ensure their students make more informed choices at every stage of their career journey.