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Supporting Universities

MyFutureChoice is the trusted guidance partner to schools across the world, providing our programmes to over 140 countries. We help universities achieve their international enrolment and diversity goals by fostering direct connections with the largest community of international schools and students.

Supporting Universities
Student focused

Student Focused

MyFutureChoice is a social enterprise and we believe that every student deserves the best chance of success. That’s why we are committed to putting students first in everything we do. We don’t send students’ details to our university and employer partners without their direct request, instead we connect Universities with students who are genuinely interested in their institution and who are the right-fit for them.

By taking this approach, we ensure that students get the best opportunities and the best advice so they can make the best choices on their academic journey. We are dedicated to giving students the tools and support they need to make the right decisions for their future.

MyFutureChoice and Schools

MyUniChoices is used by hundreds of schools across the world, helping thousands of students every year who are looking to discover their best-fit career pathways and explore personalised higher education recommendations.

At MyFutureChoice, we are proud to have a long-established relationship with our partner schools. Our programmes offer a single location for guidance and destinations, providing support for every stage of their students’ journey. Our platform covers the entire career and progression process, from exploring their interests to making applications, allowing students to compare opportunities and make informed decisions. Students can even make choices on which University to attend from directly within the programme. With our help, students can forge the right path for them and make their dreams a reality.

How We Work With Universities

At MyFutureChoice, we are committed to helping universities across the world have meaningful engagements that are actually useful for both students and the institution. We understand that every student is unique and has different needs and goals, and so we provide tailored advice and resources to help them make the right choices for their future. Our platform allows universities to connect with students who are genuinely interested in them and who are a good fit.

Partner schools around the world
MyFutureChoice partner schools around the world

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Discover how we can help with careers advice and guidance to ensure individuals make better decisions for their own unique career journey. Download our full MyFutureChoice programme overview and see how we can help you.

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Recruiters to directly interact with schools and students


At MyFutureChoice, we are revolutionising the way university recruiters and students connect. Our service enables recruiters to directly interact with schools and students that show an interest in their institution, as well as easily book visits for open days. (coming soon)


Recruiters can send personalised information, content, scholarships, and events to students, allowing them to engage with the university during their research process and at every stage of their application. With our service, recruiters can increase student engagement and convert more applicants to attendees.

Recruiters can send personalised information, content, scholarships, and events to students
Professionally optimised university profile


At MyFutureChoice, we are proud to offer an extended, professionally optimised university profile that showcases your institution to home and international students alike. Our profile is designed to give students a comprehensive view of your institution and the degrees you offer. With an enhanced profile, you can promote your university’s unique strengths and experiences to students from around the world and stand out from the competition, giving you the best chance of attracting the right students. Our content team are here to work with you to create an enhanced profile for your institution.

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