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Do you know your strengths? How do they relate to your interests? Self-knowledge is a powerful tool. Find out more by starting your career adventure here.

Our products are designed to make your research around careers and further education as simple and as effective as possible, helping you to determine your interests and strengths while making the best possible choice for your future.

Our Products


An affordable web-based app to help students discover their ideal Higher Education course.
Age 16-18


In-depth psychometric tests to give students, and their advisers, valuable insights.
Age 16-18


Inspire students to gain insight into their career and higher education options.
Age 14-16


Introduces pupils to the world of careers and inspires them to think about their potential.
Age 12-14

Give students the help they need

Our range of publications has been created answer students’ questions around what careers are out there, what people earn, how to write a winning personal statement and more. Choose from:

  • Personal Statement Planner
  • 60 Successful Personal Statements
  • The latest Careers Directory
  • Personal Development Guide

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