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Programmes to suit your child

Programmes Designed to Suit Your Child

Encourage your child to unearth their potential and plan for their future with one convenient portal. Our programmes tap into your child’s aptitudes and nurture their future aspirations with our cleverly curated questionnaires. We tease out students’ interests and capabilities, and match them with our database of career areas and university courses so that they can make informed decisions.

Students complete careers journey



An introductory programme that inspires younger students to think about potential future careers.



Choosing the right course to study post-18 – whether at university, college or somewhere else – is a critical decision for any student.



At this stage, post-16 education choices are looming and need to be aligned with career ambitions.







MyAptitude is a psychometrically based aptitude test developed with renowned Occupational Psychologist, Dr. Charles Johnson.

Introducing young people to the world of work and higher education

Invest in the future

Invest in your child’s future

The use of our programmes can significantly improve your child’s outlook of the future and their commitment to their education. Selecting the right course and career will encourage students to stay motivated and make sure you don’t waste your time and money.

Ensuring students are reliably informed

As an official UCAS partner, MyUniChoices covers all undergraduate courses at more than 300 organisations in the UK, totalling over 35,000 courses. We also provide information on undergraduate courses taught in English in Ireland and Europe using data from CAO and EUNICAS, plus all Canadian undergraduate courses taught in English or French. In total, we have over 48,800 courses at 772 institutions for students to explore.

MyFutureChoice programmes are certified psychological tests approved by the British Psychological Society and we are an Associate Member of the CDI.

The British Psychological Society
Career Development Institute
Making sure students are reliably informed

How we help

supporting parents

Parent Support

Our dedicated customer service team can advise on programme suitability and put parents in touch with private careers counsellors.

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1 to 1 Coaching

Access our one-to-one coaching with our dedicated careers team.

Cambridge University

Success Stories

Discover how MyFutureChoice programmes have helped students across the world deliver world leading careers advice.

1-to-1 Career Guidance

1-to-1 Career Guidance for Students

Alongside our validated, psychometric diagnostic tests we also offer one-to-one careers guidance to help students interpret their results, get the most out of their reports and receive impartial advice on their options moving forward.

With multiple years of experience working with students, our MyFutureChoice certified careers advisors offer the highest level of guidance with a personal touch.

Start using the programmes trusted by schools around the world

Trusted by parents and students across the world to help them with their careers planning. MyFutureChoice have helped over 1 million students discover the right career path for them using our psychometrically validated tests.

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