Marlborough College

Marlborough College: Students choose the right university with assessment tools

Authoritative action plan Over the past 20 years, Marlborough College has used independent assessment tools and careers advisors to provide students with dispassionate guidance, enabling them to create an authoritative career and study action plan. Guy Nobes, Head of Department, Guidance, explains how the college uses My UniChoices to achieve this. Impartial, rational advice Marlborough …

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Wakefield Girls High School

Wakefield Girls High School: The right career choices for every student

Over the past 13 years, as Deputy Head with responsibility for careers guidance, David Eggleston has used MyFutureChoice to help each student identify career areas that interest them and to assess whether these align to their strengths. Here he explains how and why our tools make a positive difference to his students. A critical life …

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Are Russell Group Universities Always the Best Choice?

Russell Group universities have a great reputation. They’re elite universities who receive a large portion of the UK’s research funding, and attract high quality staff. But, are Russell Group universities always the right choice for your students? It’s important to remember that the Russell Group is a self-selected category, and being in the Russell Group …

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Degree Apprenticeship

4 Things to Consider if you’re Thinking About a Degree Apprenticeship

Degree apprenticeships are a new entry into the Higher Education space. In these programmes, you can get a full bachelor’s or master’s degree during an apprenticeship with a company. During these apprenticeships, you’ll study part-time as well as working. You’ll be employed for the duration of the course. You’ll spend part of your time at …

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