Careers Calendar

Free Careers Calendar for Schools and Colleges

Introducing MyFutureChoice’s free Careers Calendar for 2023/24 – a must-have tool for all Careers Professionals.

Our calendar integrates the academic timetable of England, highlighting term times, and mapping out notable careers events across the country. What makes this careers calendar special, you ask?

Careers Events

We have compiled a detailed calendar that features an extensive array of careers events across England which you or your students may find interesting. This makes it an invaluable tool for any careers professional looking to stay ahead of the curve.


This is not just a static PDF document, but a digital clickable calendar. Every listed event is linked to their website, for easy access to additional information, making it incredibly user-friendly and practical.

Careers calendar sown on computer screen
Printed careers calendars

Attractive Design

Whilst we focused on functionality, we didn’t forget that you may want to print off the calendar. We’ve designed it with aesthetics in mind, ensuring it would make an uplifting addition to your workspace.

Easy Accessibility

The Careers Calendar is a digital document that you can download as a PDF for immediate reference. But we have also ensured that it looks fantastic printed on A3 paper, providing a larger visual guide of the upcoming events and academic term times.


Stay aware of all the important dates and events in the world of careers. Download your free 2023/24 England Careers Calendar by completing the form below – we will then email you the file.

PLEASE NOTE This ENGLAND EDITION wall planner features days and months. Other countries will be available soon.

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