Careers and higher education guidance for students in Year 10 and 11

MyCareerChoices analyses individual student responses to 300 questions and produces an Interest Profile based on over 40 broad career areas. It can be integrated into the school’s careers curriculum, or used independently by careers advisers.

MyCareerChoices is carefully designed to:

  • Stimulate thought and lively discussion around careers
  • Give students information on the top key career areas that may be of interest
  • Provide a personalised AS/A level or IB subject selection chart needed according to different career areas
  • Stimulate further careers research along with a structured way for students to investigate their options and ask the right questions
  • Incorporate two follow up interviews – either provided by MyFutureChoice or done in-house and supported by MyFutureChoice.
  • Access to MyFutureChoice tutor portal
  • Archiving student reports in PDF format
  • Tracking of students ongoing research (coming September 2019)
  • Downloadable PDF of The Careers Directory
  • Downloadable Personal Development Guide
  • Access to MyFutureChoice resources for supporting materials
  • Parent brochures
  • Access to MyFutureChoice resources for supporting materials
  • Online questionnaire test (paper option available if required)
  • Bespoke PDF report of results
  • Access to a MyFutureChoice Student Portal
  • Access to WORKBRIEF (the electronic version of The Careers Directory)
  • Use of School Leaver Advisory Service (up to age of 24)

Interviewing services

  • Our interviewing service is an optional part of the MyCareerChoices programme. It provides:

    • Either a single hand-over interview or a hand-over interview and a follow-up interview (after students have done some initial research).
    • Hand-over interviews are designed to help the student understand and utilise the feedback and start focused research.
    • Follow-up interviews help the student to reflect on the research findings and consider the implications in terms of choice of subjects for further study and action planning.

Benefits and advantages

  • The interviews take place over a one or two day period
  • They take place at a time which fits into the school schedule
  • The interviewers ensure that the students understand how to make full use of their MyCareerChoices Workbook
  • The students receive independent impartial advice on careers and/or HE issues
  • The timetable is agreed in advance with the school to ensure minimum disruption and to accommodate pre-arranged commitments
  • It helps school careers staff or tutors make best use of their time allocation.

Get in touch

Please call us on 01362 688 722 or click the button below for more information on the use of our programmes, our interviewing service, or to arrange a school visit.


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