Find the right course for every student age 16 – 18

Making future plans

A powerful platform that identifies the courses and institutions best suited to each student’s interests, abilities and career aspirations, and facilitates the application process.


Take the anxiety out of UCAS

How do you distill thousands of options to a list of five?

Confronted with 1000’s of options, MyUniChoices (formally Centigrade) enables students to narrow these down to a manageable number.

A wide range of courses

We’ve got the world of higher education covered: more than 48,800 courses from over 770 institutions, including relevant overseas options. Over the last 30 years, we’ve helped well over 750,000 students make the right choice – we can do it for your students too!

Courses detailed


courses detailed in MyUniChoices

Institutions listed


institutions listed in MyUniChoices

More informed choices


students making more informed career & course choices

Experience helping students

35 yrs

of experience in helping students make better career choices

Schools and colleges have used MyFutureChoice


schools & colleges have used MyFutureChoice

Accurate and powerful

Our psychometrically validated questionnaires and aptitude tests swiftly uncover the true needs, interests and abilities of your students – and help us identify the courses that will really suit them. No stress, no regrets.

MyUniChoices recommended courses
MyUniChoices Personal statement

Smooth the application process

Students build powerful personal statements by linking skills, experience and strengths recorded in their MyFutureJourney portal, to their application. One hub provides all the resources students need to make confident choices and applications.

Discover more

Discover how we can help with careers advice and guidance to ensure individuals make better decisions for their own unique career journey. Download our full MyFutureChoice programme overview and see how we can help you.

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How does MyUniChoices help?

150 questions

150 Questions

Instant course recommendations

Instant course recommendations

Easy comparison of courses

Easy comparison of courses

Ability based course recommendations

Ability based course recommendations

6,000 courses

48,800+ Courses



Links to helpful research

University checklist

University checklist

150 questions to highlight degree areas
Highlighting the course areas that are best suited to you
Presenting all the available information that you need to make good decisions
Challenging your choices where they may not be soundly based
Providing Degree Course Descriptions, the indispensable research tool that explains courses in significant detail
Streamlining the process of UCAS, CAO or overseas applications with the use of our Personal Statement Planner
A platform that powers students’ independent research into post-18 course choices.
The resources to streamline the university application process, leading to an improved success rate and better school performance.
A single hub where you can monitor and manage student groups, view data and track results.
A programme that contributes to the Gatsby benchmarks of good career guidance.
Friendly support and guidance from our customer service team.
Access for all staff to Degree Course Descriptions, a digital reference book which gives a valuable overview of degrees in the main course areas.
Supporting resources, including worksheets and training aids that can be accessed by all staff members in the Resource Library.
School teacher

For Schools


For Students

Various filters to sort results, entry requirements, courses, cities and more…
The ability to shortlist favourite universities or courses and use them to jumpstart research.
A way to discover more about university locations, compare courses and rankings.
Details on entry requirements, accommodation and facilities, graduate opportunities and salaries, open days, links to websites.
Useful resources, blogs and tips to help students through the application process.
Practical checklists and tools to help write a successful personal statement.
A single portal, MyFutureJourney, where students can record all careers research, assessments and relevant work experience.
Access to Degree Course Descriptions, a digital reference book which gives a valuable overview of degrees in the main course areas.

Supporting students, supporting you

Our mission is to ensure you deliver an exceptional careers programme for every student. That’s why our schools support team are on hand to help you set up and get the most out of our platform and the resources, brochures and videos which bring it to life.

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An introductory programme that inspires younger students to think about potential future careers. This is their first step on an exciting journey: MyFirstChoices opens students’ eyes to future opportunities and how to negotiate the route to their ideal career.


MyAptitude is a psychometrically based aptitude test developed with renowned Occupational Psychologist, Dr. Charles Johnson. It gives students valuable insights into the work and careers best suited to their skills and interests. And it helps staff understand students’ academic potential and abilities so they can better advise on next steps.


The best way to find a career. A powerful but easy-to-use programme that aligns the abilities and interests of students ages 14-16 with potential career paths, and identifies the A Level, T Level, BTEC and IB subject choices needed to reach them.

Programme Features

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Discovering MyUniChoices

Recording duration (approx): 00h 45m

Join us to unlock the secrets of guiding students towards their ideal university courses with MyUniChoices. Register now!


Brian Mooney: Navigating the Transition from Secondary

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Dive into expert insights with Brian Mooney on navigating secondary to tertiary transitions. Essential viewing for guidance counsellors


Discovering MyUniChoices: Introducing it to your school

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Explore the MyUniChoices platform, specifically designed to help students make well-informed decisions about their academic and career paths.


Unlocking the Secrets of MyUniChoices for Irish Schools

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Learn how to interpret the results of the MyUniChoices student questionnaire. Our experts will show you how to use the data to guide students effectively