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An extensive careers guidance programme for Welsh students planning to do their GCSEs. CymruQuest matches students’ interests and abilities with appropriate career areas and helps them to make soundly based and well-researched decisions.

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Experience the joy of discovery

CymruQuest analyses individual student responses to 300 questions, and produces an Interest Profile based on over 50 broad career areas. Students are given personal use of an online research platform with unlimited access to WORKBRIEF: a comprehensive, up-to-date source of almost 500 careers.


Age 14 – 17 years

An Introduction to Careers

CymruQuest builds a clear picture of a young person’s strongest occupational and academic interests, as well as their related abilities and personal qualities. In addition to detailing careers with which the student is likely familiar, it also highlights new possibilities that they may not have previously considered. Results are broken down into well-matched career areas (e.g. law) and related careers (e.g. barrister, solicitor).

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CymruQuest helps students by:
Revealing their interests, inherent abilities, and personal qualities
Identifying from these, a range of interest-led careers across a wealth of industries
Providing a structured framework for research into the demands of potential careers
Establishing a basis for the choice of GCSE subjects to meet the entry requirements of future careers or courses
Acting as a focal point for discussions with staff and parents
Challenging their career choices by laying bare the realities and expectations of working in those occupations
Encouraging them to personally reflect on their results, consider their values, and address any preconceived notions

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CymruQuest helps students by:
Delivering the questionnaires in a choice of Welsh or English to support Welsh language learning
Contributing to the Gatsby benchmarks of good career guidance
Simplifying student administration with a single hub to administer tests, view results, and monitor post-questionnaire progress
Providing training for all staff members to fit around their timetable (with annual refresher tutorials if required)
Offering an optional full system set-up to alleviate teachers’ workload
Giving students the tools to self-manage their careers research
Bringing future aspirations to life with videos on over 50 career areas
Instigating concentrated discussions between students and staff

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Supporting Materials and Resources

CymruQuest work screen on laptop - Workbrief

WORKBRIEF is accessed by students completing CymruQuest via their Student Portal. Careers are presented to the students using the acronym WORKBRIEF, headed as below

hat is involved?
pportunities for training
equirements for entry
ind of person
road outlook
elated occupations
mpact on lifestyle
arnings potential
urther information

These headings co-ordinate with the career analysis forms used in the CymruQuest results report and career directory.

CymruQuest work screen on laptop - DegreeCourceDescriptions

DegreeCourseDescriptions is available as an online licensed resource, as part of the MyUniChoices programme.

The descriptions cover over 110 degree course areas, giving information and guidance not easily available elsewhere. They are written by heads of department and senior lecturers at major universities – people who have expert knowledge of their courses from the inside, and understand the doubts and difficulties facing students.

Each description gives an overview of a typical course area, its content, career opportunities, related degrees, recommended reading and websites.

Additionally, each course has a Self-Check Questionnaire so that students can assess the suitability of a course (or make comparisons with another) using a list of 20 relevant items.

Online Resources

MyUniChoices Personal statement
Student Portal

Each student is given access to their own Student Portal where they receive feedback, carry out research, and reflect on their findings. The Student Portal has numerous tools to assist with the student’s decision-making, eg. students can complete action plans and personal reflections. Students have the opportunity to revisit the programme as often as they like.

MyHQ track progress

MyHQ is an online administration system for staff. It provides an archive for all CymruQuest, MyAptitude, and MyUniChoices reports and enables staff to monitor the students’ progress. This facility ensures tutorial work and interviewing can take place seamlessly. There is also access to MyFutureChoice’s online resource library which include PowerPoint presentations, parent brochures, and other supportive documentation.

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