Insights and inspiration for students age 14+

MyAptitude is a psychometrically based aptitude test developed with renowned Occupational Psychologist, Dr. Charles Johnson. It gives students valuable insights into the work and careers best suited to their skills and interests. And it helps staff understand students’ academic potential and abilities so they can better advise on next steps.

How it works:

Designed to take ONE hour and 30 minutes in total, MyAptitude is made up of EIGHT individual tests:

Verbal Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning

Abstract Reasoning

2D Spatial Reasoning

3D Spatial Reasoning

Arithmetic Calculation

Working Quickly & Accurately


The benefits for staff

    • Provides staff with an added means of assessment when matching students with a career area or job
    • Allows staff to accurately assess academic potential, for example where a student is joining or applying to join the sixth form
    • Because the test is timed it gives an indication of the rate at which a student can work
    • Gives staff an accurate gauge of how well newly arrived foreign students will be able to learn in English
    • Reveals a student’s aptitude when working in their first language compared with English
    • For foreign students thinking of studying in the UK, or newly arrived, we offer Verbal Reasoning in Arabic, Dutch, English (UK), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian,  Russian, Spanish and Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese. 

Benefits for students

Revealing their strengths and weaknesses gives students new insights and can provide a valuable morale boost

Increasingly, psychometric tests are used by employers, academic institutions and graduate training schemes. Practising them helps students gain confidence and avoid stress when they are presented with similar tests

How the results are presented

Percentile scores: i.e. achievement relative to similar students of their age

Speed score: based on the number of questions attempted

Accuracy Score: number of correct answers

How we support staff

Accurately interpreting results is key. As well as providing technical manuals and handbooks to accompany testing, we can help staff in two ways:

  • Interviewing services – where we interpret results and send our experts to your school to give the test feedback.
  • Where school staff interpret results and give feedback themselves, we offer various levels of training and support services.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Combine with MyCareerChoices

Combining MyAptitude with MyCareerChoices enables students to match their aptitudes with career areas under consideration, giving them deeper insights into their potential and capabilities. For staff, the combination enables much more specific, and therefore valuable, careers advice.


Renowned occupational psychologist Dr Charles Johnson has analysed the results of the MyAptitude Tests against the academic statistics of large populations of students in order to verify their effectiveness and accuracy.

For those who would like more in-depth information on the tests, a report on the technical evaluation is available our FAQ page. Read more on MyFutureChoice’s assessment philosophy below.

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