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Feedback and Interviews

Alongside our validated, psychometric diagnostic tests we also offer one to one careers guidance to help students interpret their results, get the most out of their reports and receive impartial advice on their options moving forward.

Feedback and 1 to 1 guidence
Experienced advisors

Experienced Advisers

Our interview team are highly qualified careers advisors with multiple years of experience working with students to offer the highest level of guidance with a personal touch.

Remote Feedback

Some schools prefer to conduct their interviews remotely. Our team can link up with your students using your preferred video calling method and conduct the 1 to 1 interviews remotely.

remote interviewing
Face to face interviews

Face to Face Feedback

On-site interviews can be conducted by our interview team for those schools who prefer a physical presence. These can be scheduled for a time that suits you.

Minimal disruption to individual classes with no more than one or two classes per student interrupted. The school can arrange the interview schedule to suit its own requirements.
Ability to interview students over a shorter period, achieving the sense of a “shared” occasion.
Prevents a drawn out interview process in an often busy school setting.
Students’ research progress can be monitored during career staff’s scheduled time without interrupting their own teaching programmes.
Ensures that each student fully understands the nature of their own careers report, and how to use it as part of their personal careers investigation.
Promotes a more informed approach to the initial selection of subjects at further and higher education levels.
Interviewer benefits for schools

For Schools

Interviewer benefits for students

For Students

An impartial discussion with a professionally qualified careers adviser who will give accurate and up to date information that will help you question your goals and consider both the advantages and disadvantages.
Provide you with an overview of some of the practical aspects you will need to consider, such as what qualifications are typically needed for certain occupations and where jobs are available.

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