Marlborough College

Marlborough College: Students choose the right university with assessment tools

Authoritative action plan Over the past 20 years, Marlborough College has used independent assessment tools and careers advisors to provide students with dispassionate guidance, enabling them to create an authoritative career and study action plan. Guy Nobes, Head of Department, Guidance, explains how the college uses My UniChoices to achieve this. Impartial, rational advice Marlborough …

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Wakefield Girls High School

Wakefield Girls High School: The right career choices for every student

Over the past 13 years, as Deputy Head with responsibility for careers guidance, David Eggleston has used MyFutureChoice to help each student identify career areas that interest them and to assess whether these align to their strengths. Here he explains how and why our tools make a positive difference to his students. A critical life …

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Ofsted report

Should Schools Be Given An Ofsted Rating For Careers Advice?

At a recent committee of MPs, it was suggested that schools should be specifically rated by Ofsted on the quality of their careers advice. This would be a significant development for the CIEAG industry, and for schools as a whole. While careers advice is already taken into account in Ofsted inspections, the recommendation from the …

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Talking about careers

How To Talk To Your Child About Careers

Even from a young age, it’s important for children to begin thinking about their careers and the world of work. Parents are a huge part of this careers discussion, and as parents, you can have a huge impact alongside the careers work that will occur in schools. As a parent, you want to create a …

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Are Russell Group Universities Always the Best Choice?

Russell Group universities have a great reputation. They’re elite universities who receive a large portion of the UK’s research funding, and attract high quality staff. But, are Russell Group universities always the right choice for your students? It’s important to remember that the Russell Group is a self-selected category, and being in the Russell Group …

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Helping your child research careers

5 Steps to Helping Your Child Research Careers

Going to university has lots of benefits. It can help your child become more independent, develop social skills, expand their knowledge and develop advanced reasoning skills. But it’s also important that attending university helps your child build the career that they want. This means that it’s vital for your child to research careers before making …

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