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Every young person deserves the opportunity to succeed. And we believe they can – with the right information and guidance.

Our products are carefully designed to give students the tools to make the right choices, with confidence, every step of the way.

We work with over 3,000 schools across the UK and educators in more than 50 countries, delivering first-class careers and higher education programmes. Devised with a renowned occupational psychologist, they provide the most thorough approach in the market.


We’ve made some exciting updates to MyFutureChoice systems over the past few months, which we’re sure you will love. We’ve launched MyHQ a new user friendly administration platform to help teachers and careers advisors manage students and MyFutureChoice careers programmes from one place.  Students now have their own personal logins to programmes and teachers can manage and monitor their progress easily. 

Students are guided through the new user friendly platform with more support than before. New individual logins help students self- manage their careers research all in one place. Now includes a new online planning and action section, a bigger and better online careers directory  ‘WORKBRIEF’  with over 400 careers areas and videos on over 50 careers areas, to bring your future career to life!

Find out more about MyCareerChoices. To talk to our customer services team please email [email protected]

CORONAVIRUS – March 2021

While there are recommendations in place to work from home, our teams will continue to do so. We continue to offer our full range of products and feedback online. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team if you have any questions or need any assistance with using our products online. To contact us please e: [email protected]  t: +44 (0)1362 688722 

Our Products


An affordable web-based app to help students discover their ideal Higher Education course.
Age 16-18


In-depth psychometric tests to give students, and their advisers, valuable insights.
Age 16-18


Inspire students to gain insight into their career and higher education options.
Age 14-16


Introduces pupils to the world of careers and inspires them to think about their potential.
Age 12-14

Psychometric evaluation and test validation

We place the technical quality of all our careers programmes and aptitude tests high on our list of priorities.

Dr Charles Johnson, a well-established professional psychologist, ensures all our programmes are psychometrically sound, which means that each interest questionnaire and aptitude test we use has been shown to be valid and reliable in helping students select appropriate career areas.

We conduct regular surveys into students’ AS, A level or IB selections and their eventual career paths, comparing them with the careers areas and subject choices originally produced in the reports. These checks ensure we are confident that our programmes continue to meet the highest psychometric standards.

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