Pricing for 2021/22


Two New Programme Bundles – My CareerChoices+ & MyUniChoices

Introducing a completely new approach to sales. We now have just two “products”, referred to as “programme bundles” – MyCareerChoices+ and MyUniChoices and you purchase one licence to use one bundle with one student.

Programme Bundle 1 : MyCareerChoices+

For the cost of 1 licence a student has access to 3 programmes and the student portal:

  1. MyFirstChoices
  2. MyCareerChoices or EirQuest  
  3. MyAptitude
  4. MyFutureJourney (the student portal) to access:
  • Their results online
  • PDF feedback reports
  • An online research facility including WORKBRIEF
  • Action planning

Programme Bundle 2 : MyUniChoices

For the cost of 1 licence a student has access to:

  1. MyUniChoices, a web app, which includes a variety of features to help them choose a well matched university course
  2. Degree Course Descriptions  – Outlines of over 120 degree courses to help students get started
  3. 3 Core MyAptitude tests: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning

Prices for Resellers (schools)

  • Programme Bundle 1 MyCareerChoices+ £30 per student, one-year contract
  • Programme Bundle 2 MyUniChoices £30 per student, one-year contract

Discounts: 5% – 2 year contract, 10% – 3 year contract

Prices for Business Partners – please contact us.


MFC can arrange for an independent Careers Advisor to undertake a Careers Planning session for individual students based on the output from either the MyCareerChoices or MyUniChoices test results. These interviews are online only and the cost for a 20 minute interview which includes one online meeting and follow up guidance from the Careers Advisor is £28.80 (including VAT).

Further careers services are available on request and they would include independent Careers Advisor support to parent evenings, careers conventions and presentations.  Further information and prices are available from [email protected]

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