Is the UK’s Apprenticeship System Crumbling? The Latest Data Unveiled!

In the realm of career development, apprenticeships have long stood as a bridge connecting theoretical knowledge with real-world application. They provide an invaluable platform for individuals to hone their skills, garner practical experience, and transition seamlessly into the workforce. However, the landscape of apprenticeships in the UK has been fluctuating, with various factors influencing the …

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From Grassroots to Graduation: Tackling the Education Equity Challenge

The discourse surrounding higher education in the UK often circles back to the themes of accessibility and equality. The disparities in university choices and completion rates between disadvantaged and more affluent students highlight an existing educational chasm. The Evening Standard recently facilitated a dialogue on this critical issue by hosting a forum that congregated experts …

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Tackling University Dropout Rates: The Power of Informed Choices

In recent years, university dropout rates in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland have soared to alarming heights. The latest figures reveal a 28% surge over five years in the number of students leaving their course prematurely. In the academic year 2018-19, 32,491 students withdrew from their courses, a number that shot up to 41,630 by …

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New Advanced British Standard qualification

What is the Advanced British Standard? All you need to know

The British education system is on the cusp of significant change with the introduction of the Advanced British Standard (ABS) by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This ambitious proposal envisages a confluence of the existing A-levels and T-levels, striving to provide a more comprehensive educational framework for students aged 16 to 19. The ABS is not …

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Young Britons Rethink Ambitions Amid Cost of Living Crisis

A recent nationwide study has brought to light concerning revelations about the aspirations and mental well-being of young people in the UK. The cost of living crisis and associated mental health issues have led many to abandon their dreams and ambitions. Key Findings from the Research: Implications for Young People: Cost of Living Crisis: Life …

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Marlborough College

Marlborough College: Students choose the right university with assessment tools

Authoritative action plan Over the past 20 years, Marlborough College has used independent assessment tools and careers advisors to provide students with dispassionate guidance, enabling them to create an authoritative career and study action plan. Guy Nobes, Head of Department, Guidance, explains how the college uses My UniChoices to achieve this. Impartial, rational advice Marlborough …

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Wakefield Girls High School

Wakefield Girls High School: The right career choices for every student

Over the past 13 years, as Deputy Head with responsibility for careers guidance, David Eggleston has used MyFutureChoice to help each student identify career areas that interest them and to assess whether these align to their strengths. Here he explains how and why our tools make a positive difference to his students. A critical life …

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Are Russell Group Universities Always the Best Choice?

Russell Group universities have a great reputation. They’re elite universities who receive a large portion of the UK’s research funding, and attract high quality staff. But, are Russell Group universities always the right choice for your students? It’s important to remember that the Russell Group is a self-selected category, and being in the Russell Group …

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