4 Things to Consider if you’re Thinking About a Degree Apprenticeship

Degree apprenticeships are a new entry into the Higher Education space. In these programmes, you can get a full bachelor’s or master’s degree during an apprenticeship with a company.

During these apprenticeships, you’ll study part-time as well as working. You’ll be employed for the duration of the course. You’ll spend part of your time at a university or higher education provider and the rest with your employer.

Degree apprenticeships are still developing. They’re only available in a limited number of sectors, and many courses can change year to year. Because of this, it’s important to do your research and make sure that the opportunity you’re applying for is right for you.

Here are four of our top tips to help you get the perfect degree apprenticeship.

Time management and discipline is key

With a degree apprenticeship, you’ll be working full-time and studying for a degree at the same time. To do this, you’ll need great time management skills and the discipline needed to switch between the two roles.

You’ll need to be able to mix the workplace skills needed to excel in your job with the academic skills needed for independent study. This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a flexible person that’s capable of shifting gears quickly and getting stuck on, you’ll get on well with a degree apprenticeship.

Try to get work experience

Because degree apprentices will be working full-time, companies are often looking for students who already have some experience within the workplace. Relevant work experience in the sector that you’re applying for will look great on you application, and help you excel during your apprenticeship.

It’s also important that you attend open days or speak to people from the institution that’ll be leading on the studying side of your apprenticeship. Make sure that both the workplace that you’re in and the institution that you’re studying at are a good fit for you.

Interview like you’re applying for a job

Most degree apprenticeships will have a lengthier application process than degrees. Employers will usually follow similar processes for any other job they’re hiring for. Expect to have to attend interviews, so brush up on your skills in this area.

Remember that a company is taking on degree apprenticeships as full-time staff. So, interview just like you would if you were applying for a job. Talk about what you can offer the company as a member of staff, as well as your plans for the future.

Take advantage of support services

Degree apprenticeships aren’t easy – but there’s plenty of support on offer. Your employer will provide the standard HR support that’s available, but should also put things like mentoring and career development on offer, so take advantage of this.

As a degree apprentice at a higher education institution, you’re entitled to the same range of support services as any other student. So, if you need study support, pastoral care and advice, your institution will offer it.

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