MyFutureChoice Overview


Are you committed to equipping your students with the most insightful and tailored career guidance tools? Join us for the “MyFutureChoice Overview” webinar, and unlock the secrets to unparalleled student career support.

Explore MyFutureChoice, a beacon of excellence in career programmes, celebrated globally. Let’s embark on a journey through our esteemed offerings: MyFirstChoices, MyCareerChoices, MyAptitude, and MyUniChoices. Here’s why this session is pivotal for educators:

Key Takeaways:

  1. British Psychological Society’s Seal: Delve into our psychometric assessments, approved by the British Psychological Society, and understand their pivotal role in shaping students’ futures.
  2. Precision in Matching: Grasp how our innovative subject and career matching can illuminate the right trajectory for every student.
  3. Holistic School Approach: Witness the magic of an all-encompassing careers platform, guaranteeing consistent support and guidance for every student.
  4. Meeting the Gatsby Benchmark: Discover how seamlessly our programmes resonate with the Gatsby Benchmark, setting students on a path to informed success.
  5. Expert Insights: Engage with our seasoned team, absorb the essence of MyFutureChoice programmes, and have all your queries addressed.

Whether you’re a seasoned careers educator, an advisor, or a keen learner eager to discover groundbreaking methodologies in student career guidance, this webinar is your golden ticket. Dive into the intricate details of how MyFutureChoice programmes can become the backbone of your students’ success journey.

Gift your students the clarity, confidence, and direction they deserve. Secure your spot in our enlightening “MyFutureChoice Overview” webinar and redefine career guidance in your institution.

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