MyCareerChoices Basics


Are you a Head of Careers or Career Lead seeking the finest tools to empower your students’ career decisions? The ‘MyCareerChoices Basics’ webinar is essential for you.

Delve into MyCareerChoices, globally acclaimed and distinguished as the best careers programme, uniquely validated by the British Psychological Society. We prioritise genuine, data-backed guidance over generic advice, ensuring your students receive nothing but the best.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Psychometric Assessments: Tailored results shedding light on students’ inherent strengths and potential.
  • Subject & Career Convergence: Perfectly align students’ aspirations and abilities with appropriate career paths.
  • All-in-One Careers Platform: A comprehensive hub for all career-centric activities, assessments, and tools.

Insights Awaiting You:

Our team will spotlight:

  • Network Interruption mode: Seamless continuation of questionnaires, irrespective of a couple of minutes of internet disruption at your school.
  • Enhanced User Interface: Navigate a faster, more intuitive questionnaire experience.
  • Broadened Device Compatibility: Welcoming an extended spectrum of devices, inclusive of tablets.
  • Swift Transitions: Reduced lag and prompt responses elevate the user journey.

Why MyCareerChoices is Unrivalled:

  • BPS Seal of Approval: The sole programme with the British Psychological Society’s endorsement, emphasising its authenticity and precision.
  • Expertly Designed: In collaboration with occupational psychologist, Dr Charles Johnson, our tools are precision-focused, instilling confidence in students’ choices.
  • A Track Record of Trust: Since 1986, MyFutureChoice has been a beacon in guiding students’ career trajectories. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is manifest in our bespoke programmes and aptitude tests.

For those committed to fostering innovative, informed career pathways for students, this webinar is an invaluable resource. Secure your place for the 5th of October and embark on an enlightening experience.

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About MyCareerChoices

A powerful but easy-to-use programme that aligns the abilities and interests of students ages 14-16 with potential career paths, and identifies the A Level, T Level, BTEC and IB subject choices needed to reach them.

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