Getting the most from MyCareerChoices


Are you a Head of Careers or Career Lead already utilising MyCareerChoices and aiming to maximise its potential for your students? The ‘Getting the Most from MyCareerChoices’ webinar is tailored just for you.

Dive deeper into MyCareerChoices, recognised worldwide as the premier careers programme and endorsed by the British Psychological Society. We’re committed to delivering authentic, evidence-based guidance, ensuring optimal support for your students.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Psychometric Assessments: Delving into detailed results to fully understand students’ unique strengths and aspirations.
  • Subject & Career Synchronisation: Expert tips to align students’ goals and talents with their ideal career paths seamlessly.
  • Maximising the Careers Platform: Harness the full potential of our comprehensive hub for all career-oriented tasks, evaluations, and resources.

Advanced Insights:

Our experts will delve into:

  • Offline Mode Mastery: Ensure consistent questionnaire progress, even in the face of internet challenges at your school for a few minutes.
  • Optimal Interface Use: Navigate and utilise an efficient, user-friendly questionnaire process to its fullest.
  • Device Compatibility Insights: Get the most from the programme across a diverse array of devices, including tablets.
  • Swift & Efficient Transitions: Tips to make the student experience even more seamless.

The Distinction of MyCareerChoices:

  • BPS Accreditation: As the only programme with the British Psychological Society’s backing, we guarantee unparalleled credibility and accuracy.
  • Meticulous Design: Created hand-in-hand with occupational psychologist, Dr Charles Johnson, our tools are crafted for precision, ensuring students’ decisions are well-grounded.
  • Legacy of Excellence: MyFutureChoice has been a trusted name since 1986, consistently guiding students towards their ideal career paths with our exceptional programmes and tests.

If you’re passionate about optimising your existing resources for student success, this webinar is an essential addition to your calendar. Join us on the 5th of October for an in-depth journey into maximising MyCareerChoices for your institution.

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About MyCareerChoices

A powerful but easy-to-use programme that aligns the abilities and interests of students ages 14-16 with potential career paths, and identifies the A Level, T Level, BTEC and IB subject choices needed to reach them.

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