Getting the most from EirQuest


As Guidance Counsellors, your role in guiding students through pivotal academic transitions is paramount. Recognising this, we’ve tailored our EirQuest platform to be more than just a tool—it’s a companion in your mission to guide students towards a fulfilling academic and career path. With the upcoming “Getting the most from EirQuest” webinar on Thursday, 26th October, we aim to help you harness the full potential of EirQuest, especially with its enhanced features.

What’s New in EirQuest?

  • Expanded Career Options: From 335 careers, EirQuest now showcases an impressive 556 careers, a significant 66% growth.
  • In-depth Career Descriptions: Richer insights for each career, aiding in clearer student understanding.
  • Wider Career Areas: Broaden horizons with an array of career areas catering to diverse student interests and strengths.
  • Enhanced Questionnaire: Extended from 200 to 300 questions for precision in matching student interests and aptitudes.

How can ‘Getting the most from EirQuest’ Benefit You?

  • Deep Insights: Understand students’ unique academic and occupational interests, and uncover hidden potentials.
  • Diverse Career Exploration: Introduce students to an array of careers, from the well-known to the newly emerging.
  • Robust Research Framework: A structured approach to diving deep into potential career fields.
  • Strategic Subject Selection: Guidance on choosing Leaving Certificate subjects aligning with future aspirations.

Join us to delve deeper into EirQuest’s features, understand its transformative capabilities, and hear from fellow Guidance Counsellors who have seamlessly integrated EirQuest into their counselling approach. By attending, you’ll not only enhance your guidance toolkit but also play a more informed role in shaping students’ futures.

Reserve your spot for this enlightening session by completing the registration form below. We’re eager to journey with you in redefining career guidance.

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About EirQuest

An extensive careers guidance programme for students planning to take the Irish Leaving Certificate.

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