From Confusion to Clarity: Discover How MyFutureChoice Helps Students Make Informed Career Choices!


Discover one of the world best suite of career programmes for your students with MyFutureChoice! Join our webinar to learn about MyFirstChoices, MyCareerChoices, MyAptitude, and MyUniChoices, which are widely regarded as the best career programmes available. Here are five reasons why you should attend:

  • Learn about British Psychological Society approved psychometric assessments and how they can help your students make informed decisions about their future careers.
  • Find out how our subject and career matching can support your students in choosing the right path for their future.
  • Discover the benefits of our whole-school approach to careers, which ensures all students receive guidance and support.
  • Understand how our programmes align with the Gatsby Benchmark, providing students with the information, advice and guidance they need to succeed.
  • Hear from our expert team, who will guide you through the key features of all the MyFutureChoice programmes, and answer your questions.

Whether you’re a careers teacher, advisor, or simply interested in learning more about innovative approaches to student success, this webinar is a must-attend event. We invite you to join us for this exciting webinar where you can learn how all the MyFutureChoices programmes can support your students.

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