Brian Mooney: Navigating the Transition from Secondary


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Brian Mooney: Navigating the Transition from Secondary (Episode 2)

We’re proud to unveil the second instalment of our enlightening webinar series. This episode spotlights Brian Mooney, a towering figure in the realm of educational and career guidance in Ireland. Dive into his nuanced discussions centred on the crucial transition phase from secondary to tertiary education.

Renowned for his insightful columns in The Irish Times, Brian Mooney’s contributions to the world of educational guidance have been indispensable. His past role as the president of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors is a testament to his profound impact and leadership in the sector.

Why Every Careers Professional Should Watch:

  1. Deep Insights: Understand Brian’s viewpoint on the pressing need for increased career support for students departing from Irish universities.
  2. CAO Points Dynamics: Get equipped with strategies and advice for students grappling with the escalating CAO points for courses.
  3. Navigating CAO Offers: Garner actionable guidance on the subsequent steps when students don’t clinch their initial CAO offers.
  4. Strategic Selection: Arm yourself with key considerations Brian suggests for aiding students in pinpointing the right tertiary institution or training regime.
  5. Financial Framework: Absorb invaluable counsel on streamlining the financial aspects of tertiary education, encompassing scholarships, grants, and loans.
  6. Empowering Guidance: Explore the powerful tools within MyUniChoices, tailored to fortify guidance counsellors in delivering bespoke, insightful assistance to students.

In an era of evolving educational paradigms, Brian Mooney emerges as a guiding star. His insights are especially pivotal for those intense transitional junctures, such as the segue from secondary to tertiary studies. This webinar meticulously addresses these inflection points, prepping guidance counsellors and career professionals to steer their students with renewed assurance.

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