Careers Poster Pack 1

Free Career Posters for Schools and Colleges

In our mission to empower students to make well-informed choices about their futures, we’ve created a unique series of free career posters for schools and colleges.

Expertly designed with clear, engaging visuals, these posters serve as a versatile tool for educators, helping them illustrate key concepts in career education and guidance.

You’ll find that each poster is ideal to display in your school and is designed to be printed at A1 size for classroom display or as smaller handouts. All are available for you to download and print, whether that’s in school or at a local printing service.

Explore our selection below and find the perfect poster for your career education needs

Gatsby Benchmark poster

Gatsby Benchmarks Poster

Perfect for careers leaders and educators alike, this poster presents the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks in a reader-friendly design. Display it in your office, or use it to introduce staff and headteachers to the Gatsby Benchmarks, key parameters for good career guidance.

Do you know your levels? Poster

Do You Know Your Levels?

Designed for all school ages, including sixth forms and colleges, this poster outlines the different levels of education, showing options for Work-Based Learning, Vocational-Related Learning, and Academic Learning. It’s an ideal tool to help students envision their progression towards higher levels of education.

Levelling up poster

Levelling Up

In the style of a retro arcade game, this fun and engaging poster illustrates the various levels of education and the options available to students, from GCSEs and NVQs to Degree Apprenticeships, PGCEs and Masters.

Find your own treasure poster

Find Your Own Treasure

This interactive poster inspires students to view their career journey as an exciting adventure, not just a destination. It’s a perfect way to stimulate lively careers discussions and help students discover the many paths to their future.


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