Assessments can help every student make better decisions

We can all think of someone who pursued a course of study or career only to discover down the line that it wasn’t for them.  Perhaps they stuck it out for several unhappy years living with the emotional and financial impact.

All of which comes at a cost. Our research found nearly half of young people who drop out of university regret it and say they chose the wrong course. (MFC, 2020).

As parents and educators our shared goal is to help our young person make the right choices that will enable them to enjoy a happy and successful career.

An outcome that’s easier to achieve when a student has a clear and accurate understanding of their strengths and critically how these relate to different career areas.

This is where assessment tools add value by providing external validation of a student’s strengths and interest.  It gives a student the confidence to narrow their research and focus on specific career areas.  Helps parents avoid adding unintentional ‘noise’ around what their child “could” or “should” do. And provides all parties with a solid foundation to explore and discuss options.

Students develop their own ideas

MyCareerChoices works by assessing a student in each of these areas with two bespoke questionnaires: one for strengths and one for interests.

The Interests questionnaire identifies what a student is most interested in and maps levels of high interest to career areas. 

MyAptitude, assesses a student’s abilities across a range of academic and non-academic factors and maps these to career areas.  

The combined results from the questionnaires are fed back to the student in a report.  This includes detailed guidance notes on any implications for the study and career choices a student might make.

Focused research and action planning

Insight from the report provides the student, parents and educators with a solid foundation to explore career paths, qualifications and necessary work experience to get there. All parties can feel confident the student has reliable insight to focus independent career research.  

To assist independent research, students have access to Workbrief, our comprehensive careers directory with over 400 job descriptions.  They can use it to investigate a wide range of career choices and watch videos on over 50 career areas to fuel their career aspirations.   

Our careers portal includes MyFutureJourney.  A place where students can record any research, assessments, relevant work experience, personal reflection and action plans.

MyFutureJourney means students can keep track of their journey and teachers and parents an eye on progress.  It also creates a central repository of personal insight and evidence to help a student write a powerful personal statement, create a stand-out CV, or prepare for future interviews and assessments. 

By using our platform every student can be confident that no opportunity is missed, and no options are left undiscovered as they think about their future.

Peace of mind

Our assessment tools were designed by a leading occupational psychologist, validated by the British Psychological Society and regularly reviewed against job requirements.  This means you can be confident the results are accurate, reliable, and map to the real world of work. 

Over 30 years we’ve helped more than a million students to make the right study and career choices.  Our unique understanding of the link between successful career and study choices and the strengths, interests and aptitudes of a student means we are the most powerful careers platform for students and schools.  

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