EirQuest for Ireland


EirQuest reveals a picture of a young person’s stronger occupational and academic interest, related abilities and personal qualities. In addition to covering careers the student is already familiar with, it can also list many completely new possibilities. Results are broken down into well-matched career areas (e.g. law) and related careers (e.g. barrister, solicitor).

EirQuest helps students by:
  • Revealing their own occupational and academic interests and personal qualities
  • Identifying from these, a range of interest-led careers
  • Providing a structured framework for research into the demands of potential careers fields
  • Establishing a basis for the choice of Leaving Certificate subjects which will meet the entry requirements for likely future careers or courses

To ensure the best use of the limited hours now available to all Guidance Counsellors to provide a comprehensive guidance service Brian will help you get the most from EirQuest

About EirQuest

An extensive careers guidance programme for students planning to take the Irish Leaving Certificate.

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