Discovering MyCareerChoices


Are you dedicated to providing your students with robust, data-driven guidance for their future careers? If so, ‘Discovering MyCareerChoices’ is an event you can’t afford to miss.

Dive into MyCareerChoices, the only careers programme validated by the British Psychological Society. Unlike other tools which might not undergo rigorous testing, we ensure unparalleled accuracy. Your students deserve the best, accurate advice rather than fabricated responses.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Psychometric Assessments: Precision-guided results to understand students’ innate strengths and capabilities.
  • Subject & Career Alignment: Seamlessly align students’ passions and skills with the right career avenues.
  • Comprehensive Careers Hub: A centralised platform for all career-focused activities, evaluations, and resources.

What Awaits You at the Webinar?

Our experts will shed light on the latest enhancements:

  • Network issues: Ensure seamless questionnaire completion, even if your schools internet connectivity getting interrupted for a couple of minutes during the questionnaire.
  • Swift Interface: Experience a quicker and more efficient questionnaire process.
  • Extended Device Compatibility: Our platform now welcomes an expanded set of devices, including tablets.
  • Minimised Response Time: Benefit from faster transitions and responses between questions.

Why MyCareerChoices Stands Out:

  • BPS Validated: The only programme endorsed by the British Psychological Society, underscoring its credibility and accuracy.
  • Crafted by Experts: Developed in association with occupational psychologist, Dr Charles Johnson, each tool is designed for precision, ensuring students make informed decisions with confidence.
  • Legacy of Excellence: MyFutureChoice has been pivotal in students’ career decisions since 1986. Founded by John Mainstone, we’ve been offering unparalleled careers education, information, advice, and guidance to institutions across the UK and Europe. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and it reflects in our meticulously crafted programmes and aptitude tests.

Whether you’re a seasoned career advisor, a leader in career education, or simply keen on innovative strategies for student success, this webinar is your gateway to a treasure of insights. Join us on the 18th of September and be a part of a transformative journey.

Sorry we missed you...

...this event has been and gone, but check back here soon and you'll be able to register for a link to view the recorded webinar.

About MyCareerChoices

A powerful but easy-to-use programme that aligns the abilities and interests of students ages 14-16 with potential career paths, and identifies the A Level, T Level, BTEC and IB subject choices needed to reach them.

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