Brian Mooney: Strategies for Early Career Exploration


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Brian Mooney: Strategies for Early Career Exploration

In this comprehensive interview, Brian Mooney, a guidance counsellor and educational columnist with over four decades of experience, delves into the critical topic of early career exploration for students. Recognised for his insightful columns in The Irish Times and his impactful role as the former president of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, Brian’s expertise in the educational sector is unparalleled. His discussion covers the evolving landscape of career guidance, the influence of social media on young minds, and practical strategies for engaging students in meaningful career exploration from an early age.

Brian Mooney is renowned for his incisive educational columns in The Irish Times and his significant contributions to the field of guidance counselling in Ireland. With a career spanning over four decades as a teacher and guidance counsellor, Brian has become a pivotal figure in educational analysis and discourse. His tenure as president of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and his directorship at the Education Finance Board underscore his profound influence and leadership in educational guidance across Ireland.

Why Every Careers Professional Should Watch:

  • Expert Guidance: Gain insights from Brian’s extensive experience in career counselling and education.
  • Engaging Young Minds: Learn strategies for introducing career exploration to students at a younger age.
  • Social Media’s Impact: Understand the influence of social media on students’ career perceptions and how to navigate it.
  • Building Realistic Career Pathways: Discover how to help students deconstruct media portrayals and build realistic career aspirations.
  • Collaborating with Employers: Explore how guidance counsellors can work with employers to provide students with tangible career exploration experiences.

This webinar is a vital resource for anyone involved in career guidance, offering practical strategies and insights into early career exploration. Brian Mooney’s expertise provides a unique perspective on engaging students and preparing them for their future careers in today’s digital age.

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