Brian Mooney: Addressing the unique needs of students


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Brian Mooney: Addressing the unique needs of students (Episode 3)

In this enlightening interview, Brian Mooney, a distinguished guidance counsellor and education columnist with a remarkable 43-year tenure in education, explores the nuanced needs of students with unique challenges. His prolific contributions to the Irish education system, through his work and writings in The Irish Times and appearances on national media, underscore his expertise. Brian shares his insights into the evolution of educational support for students with special educational needs, offering a compelling discourse on how guidance counsellors can more effectively cater to these diverse needs.

Brian Mooney, celebrated for his insightful educational analysis in The Irish Times, has been an instrumental figure in guiding Ireland’s education sector. His extensive career as a teacher, guidance counsellor, and his leadership roles, including as a former president of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and a director of the Education Finance Board, highlight his significant influence and dedication to enhancing educational guidance.

Why Every Careers Professional Should Watch:

  • In-Depth Understanding: Benefit from Brian’s vast experience in addressing the unique needs of students, including those with learning difficulties and special talents.
  • Strategies for Inclusion: Discover effective strategies for integrating students with special educational needs into career guidance programmes.
  • Collaborative Approaches: Learn the importance of collaboration between guidance counsellors and special needs educators to provide tailored support.
  • Boosting Confidence: Gain insights into building self-esteem and confidence among students who face unique challenges, helping them to see their value and potential.
  • Adapting Resources: Explore how guidance resources can be adapted to better serve the needs of all students, ensuring inclusivity.

This webinar is an essential resource for career guidance professionals seeking to enhance their support for students with diverse needs. Brian Mooney’s depth of knowledge provides invaluable perspectives on fostering an inclusive environment that recognises and celebrates the uniqueness of each student.

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