Back-to-School MyCareersChoices


Are you on a mission to furnish your students with the most comprehensive and informed guidance to aid their career decisions? If so, don’t miss our ‘Back-to-School MyCareerChoices’ webinar.

Dive into MyCareerChoices, a pioneering careers programme tailored for schools and students, ensuring those aged 14-16 have access to state-of-the-art psychometric assessments, abundant resources, and a personalised strategy to shape their career trajectories.

Key Highlights:

  • Psychometric Assessments: Precision-driven results to understand students’ strengths and aptitudes.
  • Subject & Career Matching: Aligning interests and capabilities with potential career paths.
  • Whole School Careers Platform: A one-stop hub for all career-related activities, assessments, and resources.

What’s New in MyCareerChoices?

In this session, our specialists will introduce you to the freshly added features:

  • Network timeouts: Worried about inconsistent internet at your school? Our enhanced offline mode helps ensures uninterrupted progress on questionnaires even if the school’s internet falters for a a couple of minutes.
  • Quick Load Time: We’ve optimised our systems for a faster loading experience, making the questionnaire process smoother.
  • Device Compatibility: Now compatible with a broader range of devices, including tablets, making it versatile for every student’s needs.
  • Reduced Latency: Offering faster responses and a more fluid user experience.

Why Attend?

This webinar isn’t just an informational session; it’s a deep dive into the realms of innovative career guidance. Here’s why Heads of Careers and Career Leaders should pencil this in:

  1. Align with Gatsby Benchmark: Understand how MyCareerChoices meets the Gatsby benchmarks, ensuring you’re providing students with top-tier guidance.
  2. Expert Insights: Learn directly from the experts team behind MyCareerChoices, gaining knowledge and tips.
  3. Resources Galore: From brochures to videos, get a first look at the resources that bring the platform to life.

Whether you’re a seasoned career advisor, head of career guidance, or merely curious about groundbreaking strategies for student success, this webinar promises a wealth of knowledge. Secure your place today and pave the path for your students’ future success. We eagerly await your participation!

Sorry we missed you...

...this event has been and gone, but check back here soon and you'll be able to register for a link to view the recorded webinar.

About MyCareerChoices

A powerful but easy-to-use programme that aligns the abilities and interests of students ages 14-16 with potential career paths, and identifies the A Level, T Level, BTEC and IB subject choices needed to reach them.

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