The 11 EU Countries Where you can Study Abroad for Free

Studying abroad is an attractive option for many UK students. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and to develop skills, as well as to become self-sufficient in a new country. There’s even evidence that employers see studying abroad as attractive, as it proves that you are capable of operating outside of your comfort zone.

However, the cost of studying abroad can often be high. Things like travel to and from the country that you are studying in, as well as the cost of transporting your belongings, can add up quickly. The primary cost that students are worried about, though, is often tuition fees.
Tuition fees in the UK are currently up to £9,250 per year. Luckily for those thinking about travelling outside the UK, fees in many European countries are often significantly cheaper. According to an article by the BBC, there are currently 11 European countries in which UK undergraduates could study for free.

It’s also worth investigating other countries outside the EU. For example, lots of American and Australian universities offer full scholarships.

EU countries with no undergraduate tuition fees

If you’re a British or UK student you can study at a university in any EU or EEA country so long as you fulfil the entry requirements of that university, much like applying to study at a UK university. There are currently 10 EU countries, with the addition of Norway, who do not charge undergraduate students tuition fees.

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Greece
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia

There are also other countries in the EU which charge low tuition fees. For example, in France the fees are between £158 and £527 per year at its state funded universities.

Bear in mind that not all of the countries listed above offer courses in English. In Germany, many of the courses with no tuition fees are taught in English. However, in other countries like Croatia, free courses are only available in the national language.

What about Brexit?

While a lot of students thinking about studying in the EU might be worried about how the UK leaving the European Union will affect them, the UK and the EU have agreed in principle that any UK student beginning their course in an EU country before the end of 2020 will retain the right to study. Furthermore, they will continue to pay no fees even if their course continues after the transition period finishes.

However, after 2020 the number of countries which offer courses with no tuition fees is likely to change as each country negotiates their own policies.

If you’re thinking about studying abroad but you’re not sure where to start, try MyUniChoices. It offers interest-matching to find you courses that suit you, as well as including data on fees so you can make an informed choice.