Our People

The MyFutureChoice Team

The majority of our staff are based at the head office in Horsham St Faith, just outside Norwich. From here we ensure MyFutureChoice runs smoothly and provides the best possible service to our schools, colleges and other customers in the UK and overseas.

We also have a Schools’ Liaison Team to keep in touch with existing schools, visit new ones, arrange regional meetings, attend pupil or parent events, and talk on subjects such as the aptitude tests, sixth form subject selection, work experience, and GAP year activities. They also play a full part in the interviewing team.

Joyce Lane

Managing Director

Tim Mainstone


Carol Mainstone


Dr Charles Johnson

Director of Psychological Services

Serena Cain

Production Manager

Charlotte McCormack

Customer Systems Specialist

Julia Butler

Financial Administrator

Lisa Hunt

Digital Marketing Executive

Claire Robbins

Customer Support Assistant

Chad Marnitz

Dominic Crook

Senior Web Developer

Paul Duvall

Trainee Developer

Florent Gibaux


George Peel



Help Desk


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