MyUniChoices: How it helps Guide Students

MyUniChoices is a programme that helps students in Years 12 and 13 make the right decisions about higher education. It supports teachers so they can provide first class guidance and support to students. 

The programme uses a psychometrically validated questionnaire using 150 questions which have been reviewed and registered by the British Psychological Society. 

The results match student interests and abilities to degree, foundation and HND courses.

It searches through more than 50,000 + courses from the UCAS database, CAO – Irish database, it also includes courses in European Universities taught in English and Canadian University courses in English or French.

What students receive… 

  • Instant feedback and report to download and share. 
  • Personalised interest profile based on their interests and abilities highlighted in the questionnaire. 
  • Suggested uni course areas, matching student profile and forecasted grades.


  • Use filters to sort results, entry requirements, courses, cities and more…
  • Shortlist favourite universities or courses and use them to jumpstart research. 
  • Indepth Research – discover more about university locations, compare courses and rankings. Check entry requirements, accommodation and facilities, graduate opportunities and salaries, open days, links to websites and more… 
  • Essential planning and action section to keep students motivated.
  • Valuable checklists and advice to write a successful personal statement. 

Why Choose MyUniChoices?

  • We’ve helped over 750,000 students find their perfect course.
  • MyFutureChoice has been developing and delivering careers tests for over 30 years.
  • Thousands of schools have trusted us to give their students careers guidance.

MyUniChoices: What does it include?

MyUniChoices Licence 

The MyUniChoices licence costs £30 (plus VAT) per individual, students will be given an online login which gives them access to the programme until the age of 24. It includes:   

1. MyUniChoices – a web app, which includes a variety of features to help them choose a well matched university course. 

2. Degree Course Descriptions – outlines of over 120 degree course descriptions online to help students get started. This is a valuable online resource that helps students in their early research to understand the content of different degree courses. 

3. Three Core online MyAptitude tests: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning tests. These tests have been developed with Occupational Psychologist Dr Charles Johnson and are designed to help staff understand students academic potential and abilities, so they can advise on next steps. 

MYHQ – School Administration System 

MyHQ is our administration system for teachers and Careers Advisors. From one easy-to-use portal you are able to manage student programmes with access to full summary feedback on the student’s results. You’ll also find resources and support to help keep on track.    


Students have their own portal called MyFutureJourney where they have personal access to their programmes and results. They can view their feedback, and store records of achievements and skills all in one place. It is carefully designed to ensure the students, tutors and parents are able to interact easily and are well supported.

What you say about us …

‘A fantastic bank of resources to explore’  Mrs Wilson

‘MyFutureChoice is a breath of fresh air’ Jo, Assistant Head


 Students: Log in to your   MyFutureJourney account to access   your programmes, test results, research findings and resources.

Legacy System: Login to MyCareersRoom here


Schools and Partners: Log in to your MyHQ account to access your management facilities and resources.

Legacy System: Login to MySchool here