The interviewing service is available as an optional part of either the MyCareerChoices or MyUniChoices programmes

Our service provides one-to-one 20-minute interviews with an experienced interviewer

Benefits and advantages
  • The interview programme takes place over a one or two day period
  • They take place at a time which fits into the school schedule
  • The interviewers ensure that the students understand how to make full use of their Preview or Centigrade Workbooks
  • The students receive independent impartial advice on careers and/or HE issues
  • The timetable is agreed in advance with the school to ensure minimum disruption and to accommodate pre-arranged commitments
  • It helps school careers staff or tutors make best use of their time allocation.


Either a single hand-over interview or a hand-over interview & a follow-up interview (to take place after students have done some initial research).

  • Hand-over interviews are designed to help the student understand and utilise the feedback and start focused research.
  • Follow-up interviews help the student to reflect on the research findings and consider the implications in terms of choice of subjects for further study and action planning.


A single interview carried out by interviewers with experience of giving advice to students in years 11 or 12.

The interview process has been a very positive experience all round. I have already had a lot of good feedback from boys, girls and tutors alike. We are all very pleased to have made the move and do thank you very much indeed for all the hard work. What an effective and organised team you are!
Repton School


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