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From 12 noon on 31st July until the 26th August we will start to launch the new system.

During this transition period there will be no access to student testing. However Tutors and Guidance Counsellors will still have access to download programme reports from a read only version of MySchool. Access to this version of MySchool will remain in place until 31st December 2020.

From August 26th the new MySchool portal, called MyHQ and the student portal MyFutureJourney will go live. All student testing will resume. 

From 1st September all new applications will be available. All existing users will be transferred to the new system. Schools will be supported by our team as they start to use the new system. 

Where summer term students have already completed testing in June and July, they will be able to access their results as per usual until July 29th. After this time if we have been supplied with email addresses all data will be transferred on to the new platform in August. All previous academic year reports will be available within the read only version of MySchool. 

For customers that are currently testing, please ensure that all testing is completed before 27th July. Any student that has not completed testing before this date, will be set up on the new system after August 26th, please contact Serena in Customer Services on 07519 041621 to arrange this. If you need assistance with testing, the set up of new students after August 26th or to find out more about transitioning over to the new system please contact Serena in Customer Services.  

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time and assure you that while the product is offline we will be working hard to prepare the new enhanced platform ready for use in the autumn term. We believe the new system has been well worth waiting for.

Our Products


An affordable web-based app to help students discover their ideal Higher Education course.
Age 16-18


In-depth psychometric tests to give students, and their advisers, valuable insights.
Age 16-18


Inspire students to gain insight into their career and higher education options.
Age 14-16


Introduces pupils to the world of careers and inspires them to think about their potential.
Age 12-14

Psychometric evaluation and test validation

We place the technical quality of all our careers programmes and aptitude tests high on our list of priorities.

Dr Charles Johnson, a well-established professional psychologist, ensures all our programmes are psychometrically sound, which means that each interest questionnaire and aptitude test we use has been shown to be valid and reliable in helping students select appropriate career areas.

We conduct regular surveys into students’ AS, A level or IB selections and their eventual career paths, comparing them with the careers areas and subject choices originally produced in the reports. These checks ensure we are confident that our programmes continue to meet the highest psychometric standards.

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