Guide Your Students to Their Future with Free School Careers Posters

As a careers professional, you are constantly searching for the most effective ways to guide your students towards their future careers. We’re here to share a resource that can simplify this journey. Pack 1 of our free school careers posters.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and employment, it’s vital for students to understand the paths they can take to reach their career aspirations. Visual tools like career guidance posters can play a pivotal role in making complex career pathways easier to grasp.

This is precisely why we at MyFutureChoice have designed a range of free careers posters to help students visualise their career and educational paths. And the best part? They’re all entirely free for you to download, print, and display in your classrooms!

Our collection of career posters encompasses several vital themes in career education. Whether it’s mapping out the progression of academic levels, explaining the Gatsby Benchmarks, or encouraging students to see their career journey as an exciting adventure, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Gatsby Benchmark poster

Gatsby Benchmarks Poster

This visually engaging poster showcases the eight Gatsby Benchmarks, key pillars of good career guidance. It’s an excellent tool for careers leaders and educators.

Do you know your levels? Poster

Do You Know Your Levels?

Designed for all school ages, this poster outlines the different levels of education, helping students envision their path towards higher education.

Levelling up poster

Levelling Up

This fun, arcade-style poster showcases the different levels of education, making the progression tangible and exciting for students.

Find your own treasure poster

Find Your Own Treasure

A playful, interactive poster that shows career selection as an exciting journey rather than just a destination.

We’re excited to share this 1st pack of careers posters, designed to help enhance your career guidance efforts. You can get these free careers posters directly from our website. Simply fill out the form on the page, and we’ll email the posters straight to your inbox for easy downloading and printing.

At MyFutureChoice, we’re passionate about supporting educators in shaping the futures of their students. We continuously strive to offer tools and resources that make this mission easier and more effective.

If you are a MyFutureChoice customer already you can download these poster, along with lot of other supportive materials from the ‘Resource’ section when you are logged into MyHQ.

Available to everyone! So why wait? Equip your classrooms with these engaging and informative free school careers posters today and embark on an enlightening journey towards informed career choices with your students.