<span style="font-size:32px; font-family:Museo Regular; color:#213D4F;">Customer story</span></br></br> Hymers College puts MyFutureChoice at the heart of careers support

At Hymers College in Kingston-upon-Hull, individualised careers advice built on an understanding of strengths and interests delivers a powerful careers programme. Paul Meadway, head of careers, explains how he uses MyFutureChoice to make this happen.   Individual potential uncovered “Our view is that no student should miss the opportunity to train, study or work in […]

<span style="font-size:32px; font-family:Museo Regular; color:#213D4F;">Report</span></br></br>Recover and grow your careers education programme

The pandemic has created both opportunity and challenge for school career programmes.  It is now clear that hybrid, online and virtual approaches will continue to dominate the way students find out about jobs or academic pathways.  And likewise recruitment and application processes for jobs, courses and university. As a result it makes sense for a […]