Careers Poster Pack 2

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Empowering Students with Visual Career Guidance

MyFutureChoice is committed to guiding students through their educational and career paths with impactful resources. We have developed the Careers Poster Pack 2, a compelling series of visual tools for schools and colleges. These posters are expertly crafted to support educators in illustrating vital concepts in career education and guidance, offering an engaging and informative way to explore future possibilities.

Explore our selection below and find the perfect poster for your career education needs

What's next poster

Post 16 Paths

This poster is a visual guide for students at a crucial decision-making stage. It clearly lays out the options available after completing GCSEs, including entering the workforce through jobs, apprenticeships, or training programmes, as well as continuing academic pursuits through A-Levels, T-Levels, BTECs, and more.

Ideal for career guidance sessions, this poster helps students visualise the array of paths available post-16, aiding them in making informed decisions about their next steps.

Top 15 Uni's poster

Popular Universities

Featuring a list of top UK universities along with key rankings and information, this poster serves as an excellent reference for students considering higher education. It provides insights into the prestige and offerings of various institutions.

This is a valuable tool in counselling sessions or university fairs, helping students and parents understand the landscape of higher education in the UK.

Career puzzle poster

The Careers Puzzle

Designed to encourage holistic career consideration, this poster prompts students to think about various aspects of a career, including personal interests, skill sets, job market trends, and long-term goals.

Effective in individual and group counselling sessions, it supports students in piecing together their ideal career path based on a well-rounded understanding of different factors.

Best educational path poster

Best Educational Path for You

This informative poster details various academic routes and career paths, presenting a spectrum of educational and vocational avenues from technical courses to university degrees.

Useful for guiding students who are uncertain about their future direction, this poster helps in exploring and comparing different educational and career options.

Poster pack 2 visual

Engaging Visuals

The posters are designed to be visually appealing, making career guidance more engaging and accessible for students.

Informative Content

Each poster provides detailed, relevant information to assist students in making well-informed decisions.

Versatile Use

Perfect for display in classrooms, corridors, and career guidance offices, these posters can also be used as handouts in various educational settings.

Customisable Printing

Available for download, these posters can be printed at A1 size for display or in smaller formats, accommodating different needs and spaces.


Download and Print: Careers Poster Pack 2 is available for free download. Schools and colleges can print these resources conveniently, whether in-house or through a local printing service.

MyFutureChoice’s Careers Poster Pack 2 is an invaluable asset for educators, providing a dynamic way to support students in navigating their educational and career journeys. By integrating these posters into your school’s career guidance programme, you can significantly enhance the way career education is delivered and perceived. Empower your students to explore, understand, and make confident decisions about their futures with our comprehensive and engaging visual resources.

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